Monday, June 6, 2011

Boring Bradley Hathway esque poetry I wrote in 10 minutes

To: Myself

So today I was thinking
Why don't we all just start to think
for a moment

please listen to what I have to say

Good. Alright. Here goes
Do you remember those days when you thought someone in your life that was there
someone who stayed around and cared
would always stay there and share
love and unending emotion with you?

and that day that they left felt like death
like all you knew was falling down down
around you
and all you could say was

why did this all happen to me?
i thought I was free
from this, painful life I never thought would come to me
Has finally hit and now I can only drift
into a lonely
and depressed state of being which
never seems to go away.

and you sat there all alone on the floor
wondering why pain had coming knocking at your door
You cried out with such a loud, longing voice
to something you didn't really understand and you said
"please, my darling hold my hand
Give me life, fill me up
I need to feel your touch
on my cheek
raise my face
and wipe that space
where these tears have been falling
I need you right now please
Whoever you are
I need you, right now

And would you believe that it that moment you didn't feel a thing
You heard only the sound of your own breath filling
up your lungs with air

But there was more to it there
that breath in your lungs
that life giving gift of air
that gives you strength to go on
that sustains your life so you could long
for something out there
something or someone who cares
chasing after that light you talk of in prayer
That breath you took
that was significant

Does that make any sense?

Of all the millions and billions of people in this world,
Only you have been given that one breath

So inhale, exhale
and go forth
and take on this life that has been set before you
No more tears, no more worry
It's time to let your feet scurry
into that life that God has prepared you to lead
Those days in your past may have meant something then
but in this here and now, only you can
pick yourself up,
Look straight ahead
and with no regrets
say you did your best
and that god will always be there
even when no one else is.

You are worth more than what you know
You have been given life,
So please,
let it show.

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