Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 0 (Introduction Part 2)

Todays Adventure: Nothing

Well the first day is over, and I was too lazy to start today, but I have plenty of thoughts about the blog and observations from today so I thought I'd at least make an entry for today about them :)

The most exciting part of today was going to the supermarket, so you can probably guess my day was rather dull. I played games with Leo and Brett for a while, went to the store and came back home. Whoop de doo. But a lot of things struck me.

Ever since I've gotten back from camp, I've been plagued by boredom. Today I sort of realized, I hate boredom. More than that, I hate the overall feel of having "a normal day." I like adventures! I love the abnormal. I think thats what attracted me to God in the first place back when I was 12, the fact that he was so... different. You know what I mean? He's EXTRAORDINARY if you haven't noticed! A being that's everywhere at once, is in all things, and not only that, CREATED ALL THINGS and  COMPLETES all things! But perhaps most of all is that he loves everything he has made. Amazing isn't it? Now compare that with just.. normal. We're no more than passing beings meant to live, reproduce and die. Doesn't that sound at least a little terrible? I feel like God has programmed me to love the extraordinary because that's what he is. I feel like I can often miss how amazing the ordinary is though, as weird as that sounds.

But another thing I noticed today was how amazing human interaction is. How we can form bonds with one another and all be a collective community. I saw a couple today at the supermarket and both the boy and the girl reminded me of every character Michael Cera has every played. It was adorable honestly. It just makes me cherish all of the relationships I have in my life with God, Sharon, and my friends. Relationships with others are something special, if not magical. Again, I feel like God has programmed me (and just about everyone else on earth) to feel this way because of his love of having relationships with all of his creations.

But anyway, that's just what I noticed today. And its funny how that works out, as it basically outlines exactly why I'm doing this. I'm doing things exciting everyday because simply being content in a boring world just isn't the kind of life I want to lead. I can be content in all situations, I can at least make life colorful. That's why I dig the URL for this blog. "magical rainbow ponies" is just like, me. Also, I'm a big fan of interaction with others. That's why its a blog I can share with others. So people can maybe hear about my antics and at least put on a little smile.

That brings up another point. I LOVE HAPPINESS. It's what I live on. That's why my favorite thing to do in the world is make people truly happy. If I put a smile on your face at any time this summer, it's been perhaps my most successful summer ever.

So come along if you'd like, I'll try my best :)

Much Love,

P.S. I'm listening to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry as I type this. It just makes me oddly happy. Or something like that :)

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  1. Great job Gawgs! I love how you got this started. Look forward to the future posts.