Wednesday, August 11, 2010


hi. im sean! 20 bucks says you know me if you're reading this. if you dont thats kind of creepy, but thats okay, maybe you want to read about adventures too.

basically what i'm doing is making a blog entry a day for the rest of the summer in order to cope from boredom. what am i going to do, you ask? well ill tell you, thanks for asking. im going to do some sort of new thing every day, whether it be as boring as drawing a pineapple or as fascinating as going to the moon (maybe). so i dunno when i'm gonna start this, probably tonight, so stay tuned if you want! you dont have to, thats fine too, ill just be blogging to myself. also i wont be this annoying as to type without capital letters. i thought it would look cool without caps. edgy, right? anyhooz, yeah i'll be doing fun exciting things from now on, and ill also be doing plenty of deep things too, like explaining how i see god in things, and where my life is headed. i dunno.

but yeah, this will basically be the "what's-going-on-in-my-head-as-i-do-fun-and-exciting-things" blog. if you dig it, then come along for the ride! lets gooooo! wheeee!

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