Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 7

Today's Adventure: Listening to music

Okay, stop laughing, that's an adventure to me XD. Listening to music puts me on adventures all the time. But stay tuned, the blog WILL get more exciting.

(Also a note: This blog is almost completely about The Almighty, if you don't like hearing about Him, feel free to skip today's blog)

But anyway! Today I got in the mail my new gaming headset 3 days earlier than I was supposed to. So of course, I tore open the packaging and set it all up. Its a wireless headset so I can like walk around while still listening to music. And the sound quality on these things are amazing. So I popped em on, and blasted Attack Attack!. After jamming around for a while, I had to shower/get dressed. it was odd though, for some reason out of NOWHERE the songs "Birmingham (We are Safe)" by David Crowder Band and "Love is Here" by Tenth Avenue North were stuck in my head the entirety of the morning. And it wasn't even the whole songs, it was specific parts of the songs.

In the David Crowder song: "Love has come, and we are safe. Hope has come, and we are safe." In the Tenth Avenue North Song: "Love is here, love is now." Yeah, its odd how both of them dealt with love being here and all around. Its funny when you worship to a song in your head, that you aren't even listening to, but in that morning, i was kind of overwhelmed. To those who don't believe in God, or don't believe in the God which I worship, you may not understand this. But occasionally the Holy Spirit wants something from us that we don't really even notice. So it'll put things in our life to get us to notice something. Whether that just be nature, a person, something someone says, or one of my favorites, music. God knows us more than anyone else, and he certainly knows where our priorities lie. If our priorities are out of place, God's going to use whatever is out of place, in order to return things to the way the should be. Like when I got the headset this morning. For a moment, that became the highlight of the day. But God knows how to reach me. He knows how much music is to me, so he did the obvious thing. Reach me through music. He used what I love: Music, to get me focused on Him again. :)

This blogpost isn't going to be completely about music, but its more of an example of what I'm trying to get across. The main point I think I'm getting at is, God doesn't forget about you, regardless of what you're doing, or thinking, or thinking of doing. He is always looking out for you, even if you're farther from him than east is from the west. God never gives up on you. He's always going to be looking out for you, making sure you know what is really important in life. And not just that! He's there no matter what. Again, you may not believe in God, but its just something I noticed. You may not call it God, but its 100% God to me.

He's always there. And he loves you. If your life is going downhill, don't worry, he's got your life in his hands. Nothing you will ever go through is uncommon to man. God is faithful, he will ALWAYS provide a way out. Also remember, you can't know joy without knowing pain. (Thanks cass)

I realize I'm kind of all over the place at this point, but I'm just typing as The Spirit leads me to, surprisingly, through music. Specifically "How He Loves" by David Crowder Band. Man I love that song. I swear that song is a gift from God XD.

Anyway in summary: Regardless of what you do, God is there for you and he will help you no matter what. Also, he's not always going to talk toy you in ways you think he will, he's a very creative God XD. Love is here, love is now, and you are safe.

Much Love,

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