Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 1

Today's Adventure: Hiking with Jesus

Well today I went on somewhat of an adventure! Hiking through the great swamp isn't that exciting, but its better than sitting around :) Anyway, hiking with Jesus is basically (for those of who who don't know) a hike through the Great Swamp where we pay attention to the nature around us and find god in it.

It was an odd day really. I woke up at 7 feeling rather tired and not in the mood to do anything. But nonetheless, I woke up, again feeling a tad disappointed I wasn't waking up in my room at camp. I miss all of my friends so much from there. Pray for them if you can :)

Anyway, we set out and I went on my magical journey! We started through the woods and the feeling felt immediately different than other Hiking with Jesus' in the past. For some reason, I felt like I was more comfortable with myself, more free, and happier. Though I was still tired, we worked our way to the site where we sat, ate, and talked about our experiences walking in the forest. The entire walk, I could barely concentrate on one thing, so I said nothing, as, honestly, I wasn't listening to God during the walk completely. We broke off for 20 minutes for prayer which was amazing and contains most of the things I wanted to talk about today.

I just kind of sat there praying for all of my friends for the first ten minutes, and then for the last ten, I contemplated the actually existence of God for a moment. Its never been any issue for me, so this isn't something I usually do, but for a moment, I asked, "If there were no God, would the world still make perfect sense?" Before I even could finish the statement a resounding "No." came from inside me. I brushed it off as just me telling myself that, but quickly the proof of god was surrounding me. Birds, trees, the sky. All of them wouldn't stop with their persistent existence, if that makes any sense. They were there... and they were... good! God speaks through nature a lot, I've noticed this. Saying that all of nature and the existence of humanity was an accident was like calling the Mona Lisa an accident! Masterpieces and accidents aren't exactly the same thing :)

But After the time was up and we went back together, I again remained silent, as I couldn't really describe exactly what my time with God was like. Any attempts to describe it would just come out incredibly cliche.

But then we did our blindfold walks which just made me happy and enjoy the relationships I have with my friends. You can never be thankful enough for all the relationships in your lives guys! 
Aaaaand then I returned home for a while, and again the boredom returned. But luckily Sharon and I made plans to see Despicable Me! The movie was pretty good, but it was the theme of parenthood that stood out the most.

In the movie, the main character, a supervillain, adopts kids as part of a plot to steal the moon, but eventually begins to bond with them. By the end, he's reading them stories and I started thinking about my kids in the future. But then I stopped.

I realized recently that I don't like looking ahead and planning my future much. I miss so much of being a child right now! Besides, God has a hold of my future, no need to wonder about what'll happen. As it says in Matthew:
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."
Words to the wise from Jesus himself :)
If you find yourself often thinking about how great your life will be, or how bad it'll be in the future, I'd encourage you to stop such thoughts. Especially if you're my age! You still have your youth, don't waste your time worry about such things! In my opinion, one of the secrets to happiness is not always looking forward to happy times, but rather finding happiness in the moment you're living in right now! I dunno, just my thoughts.

Sorry this entry was so centered around my day, I promise I'll make tomorrow's apply to others as well.

Much Love,


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