Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 3

Today's Adventure: Hanging out with Sharon

Alright, its late so I apologize for making this one so short. Or maybe You're welcome, depending on if you actually read this or not. Regardless, here's my short tidbit of today.

Today I saw Inception with and hung out with Sharon. it may not seem like any sort of adventure to you, but to me it is. Hanging out with Sharon is just about my favorite thing to do. Not just because its fun, but because I learn so much about myself when I'm with her, we build up one another, and we can always share absolutely everything going on in our minds. And not only that, but because I love her. You may say "You're too young" but well, each to his own I guess.

She makes me so happy, and I can always be completely myself around her :). I felt all of that today, but I really feel like sharing something that's very relevant to how amazing it is to be with Sharon. God often times shows his love to us through people. Often times, we may be mad at God for not helping us at some point in our lives, but we completely neglect the Love he's showing us through our family, our friends, or even our significant others! I thank God every day for giving me Sharon, and all of my other friends who stick by me and show me just a little glimpse of his love for me and all of us. I love Sharon, not just because she loves me, but mainly because she's just deserving of it. As everyone in this world is deserving of love. Whether that be from God or man, everyone is worthy of authentic love. I only wish everyone in the world knew how special they were and how much they're worth. Believe me, you're worth SO much more than you can imagine.

Much Love,

P.S. Also I promise to make these entries more like this one rather than yesterday's, as a few of you commented on how long it was XD

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