Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day um... 15?

The past week's adventure: Nothing of much interest

Well! Doubt much of you cared much, but my blog had no entries at all for the past week. We'll calm down! I have a good reason!

Of course, that's what I would have said if I did actually have a good reason. No, I really don't. Just laziness I guess. But I did do a bunch of fun stuff!

Like erm... sit in the house?
Oh! I played Pokemon FireRed using Nuzlocke rules! Basically you can only catch the first pokemon you see on each route/cave/town and no others. Also you have to nickname each of your pokemon. Oh and every time one of them faints, its considered dead and must be released ASAP. If all of your pokemon faint, you've failed the Nuzlocke run and must being a new game.

T'was rather hard, but I got to the second gym. Unfortunately all of my pokemon were killed, and I finally lost. But I guess it meant more to me in this game than it had for others that my pokemon faint. Usually, if your pokemon faint, no worries, you can always heal em up later. After a while, they just become some sort of weapon to you. But when you have limited pokemon which you have named yourself, and they die, you feel a lot more attatched to each of them. Like instead of viewing the game as trying to get all the badges and beat the final 4 trainers, you view it as trying to keep your friends alive, and keeping them strong. It actually hurts when one of your favorite is killed in a battle. In this way, I kind of like Nuzlocke runs more than the standard game. They're more intimate, and promote creating personalities for your pokemon.

For those of you wondering, yes, I'm a HUGE nerd. That's fine though, I like what I like.

But anyway, back to the blog. I'm not making any promises, but I should start up again next sunday.
Sorry for the wait, Hope you've been having a great summer :)

Much Love,